Spud Spud Spud

Ping-it! Egg box game

Each player takes turns to 'ping' 6 elastic bands in to the egg box.

Here’s a fun game that you can make to play at home. You’ll need an old egg box, paints, glue, scissors and string. Oh, and some elastic bands that you ‘ping’ to play.

You can use our handy number templates to stick on the scores, or design your own. Get creative with making and decorating then get competitive with playing.

When you're ready to play - open up the lid. Give each player 6 elastic bands.

Each player takes turns to ‘ping’ their elastic bands into the game box.

Any bands that loop around a point score 6. Others that land in the hollows get that score.

Add up the total for each player and get the elastic bands back before the next player has a go. Have fun! Watch out for any small children or animals!

Download (Colour)