Spud Spud Spud

Make a Superhero Mask

Want to dress up like one of our Spud Squad superheroes?

We've got a selection of mask designs for you to print off and colour in - Professor K, SuperSpud, VitaminA, The Spark and Iron-Rich Man. You'll need some fairly thick printer paper, scissors and some string or thin elastic. If you don't have thick paper you could glue your print out onto another sheet of paper to make a double layer before you cut it out. Younger children may need help with the cutting out - especially the eye holes.

Also, do take care when making the holes for the string. A good tip for this is to put a blob of blu tack or plasticine underneath before poking a sharp point carefully through. You may need to reinforce the holes with a bit of sellotape too.

If you don't have access to a printer, or you want to draw out your own mask, you could copy the outline onto some paper or card and create your own mask design. Or if you're feeling very creative and you have access to some felt or similar material you might even want to make a more hard-wearing version out of fabric.

We'd love to see your super creations!

Download (Black & White) Download (Colour)