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Joke Snapper

How to make a paper-folding Joke Snapper, sometimes known as a 'chatterbox' or 'fortune teller'.

The grown-ups might remember these from their schooldays as 'chatterboxes' or 'fortune tellers'. They might even still remember how to fold them!

We've got an easy to use template that you can print out, along with the instructions, but here's a re-cap:

  • Write your own jokes in the sections that will be under the flaps (you'll need 8 all together) and add your own design.
  • Cut out the square section and cut carefully along the dotted lines. Turn the printed side face down. Fold and crease the square along each diagonal (corner to corner). Open out again and lay flat.
  • With the decorated side facing down , fold all four corners so that the points are in the exact centre.
  • Turn the square over and fold all corners again into the centre.
  • Turn over, fold in half in each direction.
  • Open out the pockets and put your fingers and thumbs into each section. 
  • Ask a friend to choose which they like best - Mash, Chips, Jacket or Roast. Snap in and out to spell that word.
  • Show them the numbers inside and ask them to pick a number. Snap in and out until you reach that number. Open that flap and read out the joke!

We like to use potato-based jokes, like this one: "Why do potatoes make good detectives? Because they keep their eyes peeled!"

You can probably think of lots more funny ones too.

Once you've got the hang of the folding technique you can make a snapper from scratch using a square of plain paper. If you fold it into shape first then open it out carefully you'll be able to be guided by the creases so that you know where to draw and write. You don't have to have jokes under the flaps. It could be a quiz to test your friends and family or tasks or challenges for them to complete. Think of a theme for your snapper (films, animals, countries, foods, etc) and base your four options on the outside and your eight 'questions' on the inside on it.

We'd love to see your creations!  

Download (Colour)