Spud Spud Spud

Slugs and sprouts game

Growing a good crop of spuds can be a real challenge!

There are lots of challenges for potato farmers. The ground needs to be just the right temperature for planting so that the seed potatoes get off to a good start. But then even once the potato plants get growing the weather can be too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry. Good weather, with some sunshine and some rain to help water the plants is ideal. Farmers have to be on the lookout for pests too and protect the crop until it’s ready to harvest.

Get a little taste of being a potato farmer with our Slugs and Sprouts game. It’s a bit like snakes and ladders, except instead of snakes our farmers’ enemies are the slugs!

You’ll need a dice and at least one other person to play with. Print out both pages and trim off the bottom of page 1 before sticking the two pages together to make the ‘board’.

When you've had a go at Slugs and Sprouts, why not try designing a board (or bored!) game of your own! 

You'll need:

  • A dice
  • Paper / card
  • Pencils / pens / crayons
  • And when your game's ready you'll need some people to play with! 

Start by thinking about something that has a start and a finish. Maybe a process (like the process of growing) or it could be a journey somewhere that's fraught with obstacles and difficulties. Make a plan. Think about the steps that would need to be taken and list them all down. Do you want it to be a numbered grid, or is your design more like a wandering pathway? Sketch out your idea and when you've thought it through have a go at designing the board and working out the instructions on how to play. Have fun!

Download (Black & White) Download (Colour)