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Mini beast fact cards

Do slugs have teeth? How do worms breathe? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Learn more about some of the mini beasts that can be found in the fields with our cut-out and make fact cards.

There are lots of small creatures, bugs or mini beasts, that live in our gardens, parks and countryside. You might recognise some of these already. Some of them are what gardeners and farmers call beneficial insects. This means that they are helpful to us. Others are considered pests.

For example, bees are well known for the help they give in pollinating flowers. Without them lots of our plants wouldn’t be able to produce the food that we eat. Another way that mini beasts can be helpful is by eating some of the other bugs that damage our plants. So, for example ladybirds are beneficial because they and their larvae (the immature form of the insect) eat the pesky aphids that feed on plants.

One way that you can learn more about some of the mini beasts that might be found in a potato field is by printing off and making our cut and stick fact cards. You could use them to test your friends too. Can you sort them into beneficial mini beasts and pests?

You might want to make some of your own fact cards too. There are lots more mini beasts that you could find out about! 

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