Spud Spud Spud

Memory game

How good is your memory? This is a very simple game, that you can make as complicated as you like!

There are two ways to play this memory game – a hands-on way where you use a selection of real objects or a more virtual way where you use printed words...

For the hands-on version collect a selection of small items from around the house and place them on a tray.

For the virtual version you can print out our list of things, or you could write out or draw out a selection of your own choices. Cut them out and pick some at random to play the game.

Cover your items / words / pictures with a cloth then reveal them to your players for one minute. Re-cover them and get the players to write down as many as they can remember in two minutes. The winner is the player who has remembered the most.

If you want to compete yourself, you could get a grown-up to select the items and cover/uncover them. Or let each of the players have a turn.

Download (Colour)