Spud Spud Spud

Game spinner

Who needs dice, when you can make your own game spinner!

Game Spinner Seasonal Spuds

Want to play a game but you don’t have dice? Or need help deciding what to do or how to cook your spuds? Make a game spinner and let luck decide.

You can print out and stick our helpful template, or draw out and colour in one of your own design.

You’ll need some cardboard, scissors, glue, sticky tape, a paper clip and two flat buttons.

We use a hexagonal shape, so you can have numbers 1 – 6, or you could have other options on the spinner for when you can’t quite decide what to do. How about a selection of different game or activity choices, different food options or even different colours to help you decide what to wear?

Use your finger to spin and see where it lands!

Download (Colour)