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Food descriptor twister

Why do you like the foods that you do? What is it about them? How would you describe what you’re eating to someone?

Next time you eat something have a think about how you would describe it.

First there’s the look and the smell. You might already know from these that you’re going to enjoy it, but next comes the texture when you bite into your food and you chew it. What’s that like? Is it crunchy or soft, smooth or bitty?

Then there’s the taste. Officially you have five main taste buds on your tongue that can detect different flavours, but you can probably describe lots more.

Why not have some fun thinking about the tastes and textures of your food with our Food Descriptor twister. A fun device made from two cardboard tubes that you twist to describe the combination of the texture and taste of the foods you eat. Who knows, it might even encourage you to try a new food experience.

Download (Colour)