Spud Spud Spud

Create a Comic Strip

Here's one for the budding storytellers and illustrators - tell your story comic strip style

One day SuperSpud was out patrolling the streets (eyes peeled!) when they heard some loud noises nearby.

What happened next? It's up to you.

Here's the beginning of an adventure story with SuperSpud as the hero. Can you give it a middle and an ending?

We've got a comic book style template for you to use if you like and help you get started. Or you could simply start with a blank sheet of paper and mark out some boxes for scenes to be drawn out in. You might even want to use separate sheets for each scene and stick them all together afterwards.

Draw in some more characters and think what they might say and do. Break it down into separate scenes that you can draw to tell your readers what's happening. Give it lots of action and lots of colour.

Hopefully SuperSpud will save the day!

Download (Black & White) Download (Colour)