Spud Spud Spud

Colour in the goodies and baddies of the potato field

There are lots of small creatures, bugs or mini beasts, that live in the potato fields. Can you colour them in?

Some of them are considered pests. We like to call them the Baddies. They will eat or damage our crops. In the potato field they can harm the plants as they are growing, or they might eat into the potatoes underground.

There are also some mini beasts that are helpful to us. Gardeners and farmers call these beneficial insects. We like to call them the Goodies.

For example, earthworms are Goodies because they burrow into the soil and break down dead leaves and other organic matter which makes it better for plants to grow in.

Another way that Goodies can be helpful is by eating some of the Baddies that damage our plants. So, for example ladybirds are Goodies because they and their grubs eat the pesky aphids that feed on plants.

Find out more about the Goodies and Baddies in the potato field and have fun colouring them in with our printable sheet.  

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