Prepared Mash

A centre of excellence for mash manufacturing

In spring 2024 we open our own state-of-the-art mashed potato facility. With a dedicated and skilled team who specialise in utilising highly automated equipment, we’re founding a centre of excellence for the production of superior quality chilled mash with peak efficiency and reliable consistency.

We have ready access to all the best varieties for making mash – from light and fluffy to rich and creamy – directly from our fresh potato packing factory across the road. Our potato expertise enables us to select the perfect varieties to suit a range of different types. Whether you’re looking for a taste and texture like home-made, or more of a buttery Pomme Puree, we have years of experience in creating the best end-product from every single potato.

And if you’re looking to mix it up a bit or provide some seasonal variation, we can also produce bespoke artisan veg mash. Our NPD team is always happy to work on ways to incorporate more fresh produce, giving consumers extra choice and expanding the chilled mash range.