Insight and Innovation

Understanding and interpreting consumer needs and wants

Our customers have thousands of products to think about. We have one… potatoes.

Potatoes are what we live and breathe. So we dive deep into the category, gaining insight from a wide range of qualitative and quantitative data sources, investigating, analysing and predicting the best way ahead.

Branston used to be all about fresh potato supply, and it's still a large part of our business. But we’ve evolved massively over recent years. We work in close partnership with our retail and wholesale customers to help them grow their categories, whether that's fresh or ready prepared potato products. 

Every one of our customers needs looking after in a different way. At Branston, we have the expertise to understand not only our customers, but also their customers... it's insight that's invaluable in developing and supplying the products that will keep them coming back for more.