The Branston Spud Squad

Sharing the love for spuds...

Our Spud Squad team provides fun tatie-themed activities for kids of all ages

Each summer we go to agricultural shows, educational events and schools across the UK. We also serve up a selection of kids activities that you can download for free.

As well as supporting lots of worthy causes in our local communities, we’re big fans of Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP). We're excited to have been one of the sponsors of this fantastic initiative for 2023. The project is open to primary schools nationwide. but they need to get signed up to take part and kits are limited. 

Register | Grow Your Own Potatoes

It's always great to see how engaged children get with their food when they've planted and nurtured it themselves.

We've also teamed up with the creative team at the Table of Delights to put potatoes on the menu. If you're looking for some foodie inspiration for the kids, or you want to hear the catchiest potato song in the world, visit the Table of Delights website.