Seed & Variety Development

The best seed to suit your growing needs


We believe that you need to plant the best seed to produce the best ware, so that’s what we aim to supply for potato growers across the UK. Our seed team works closely with a wide range of dedicated seed potato growers in Scotland and England - from large multinationals to smaller hobby breeders - who have the expertise to produce the quality and quantity for Branston Seed. We supply all the most popular varieties as well as some of our own exclusive more novel types of potatoes.

Variety development is a key part of our strategy for a sustainable future for potatoes and we have strong links with breeding houses across the UK and Europe to facilitate this. We’re continuing to invest in cultivating better varieties to suit the market and growers’ needs.

Our team is continuing to expand, with growing sales across the UK. We’re striving to deliver the best possible service on seed quality and deliveries with access to all the potato varieties and expertise to suit each unique potato growing enterprise.  If you’re looking for quality seed get in touch to see how we can help you with the right specifications delivered at the right time to meet your requirements.