Spud Squad kids’ activities go online

Branston and its superhero ‘Spud Squad’ team is providing fun activities and delicious potato-based recipes to help families across the UK get creative with their spuds during their time at home. 

Each summer Branston's Spud Squad travels across the country to bring spud-themed fun to kids at agricultural shows and countryside days out. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the inevitable cancellation of this year’s events, Branston has decided to adapt and transfer its potato-based activities online to its Seasonal Spuds website.

There are be games, challenges and mini craft projects available for children of all ages designed to inspire investigation and creativity as well as a range of free downloadable activities. A new Spud Squad section will feature on the website, where a selection of fun new tasks will be released every week during the lockdown.

Extra recipes and a range of healthy and exciting home-cooked meals will also be available to help parents create new dishes using basic store cupboard ingredients and leftovers, as well as inspiring kids to get involved in the kitchen.

Jackie Baker, communications manager at Branston said: “Due to the coronavirus pandemic our Spud Squad team aren’t able to attend the shows this summer, so we’ve adapted some of our favourite hands-on activities and developed a selection of new ones into online resources on our Seasonal Spuds website. While families are at home and looking for exciting things to do, this is a great opportunity to have some fun and learn a bit about food, farming and nutrition. We also have some recipe ideas for parents who might be struggling to create new dishes with the ingredients they have, and we want to encourage children to help out with the cooking too."