Introducing the Christmas Veg Portion Planner

Making the prep for Christmas dinner easier by giving you a little help on your side(s)

Looking to give the nation a helping hand this Christmas, Seasonal Spuds from Branston, has developed Your Christmas Veg Portion Planner to support those who will be cooking Christmas dinner this year.

The online tool and free App feature 14 side dish recipes from traditional goose-fat roasties to classic cauliflower cheese and braised red cabbage. Whether you’re looking for something easy and simple to accompany your chosen centrepiece this Christmas or something a little more indulgent, the portion planner will help you get the right amount of veg to satisfy all your guests and reduce food waste this festive season.

The portion planner allows users to select their chosen side dishes and the portion sizes for each person they will be catering for. It then calculates the weight of veg you need to add to your shopping list, helping to save time and reduce stress ahead of the big day.

Jackie Baker, communications manager at Branston, said: “This Christmas is going to look very different and there will be a lot of people cooking Christmas dinner, either for the first time or for a different number of people.

“There’s a lot of guidance on things such as buying the right size turkey or joint of meat, but very little on how much of each vegetable you’ll need to create the perfect Christmas plate. Plans may also change at the last minute this year, so whether you’re cooking for one, six, or more, our handy portion planner can help you work it all out. Although you may still want to allow a couple of extra carrots for Rudolph!

“Last year, our national survey showed significant regional differences in what people really want on their Christmas dinner. The nation was split on which side dishes make up the perfect plate, so we’ve created a planner that includes all the popular veg to help you select the ones you want to cook for your guests.”

Sophie Jude, the face of Slimming World 2020, has partnered up with the spud supplier to support the portion planner by creating three recipes and inspiring consumers to use the app in their Christmas meal planning. Her recipes include low-fat polenta roast potatoes, honey roasted parsnips and cauliflower cheese with bacon.

Jackie added: “We’re delighted to have worked with Sophie to create delicious, festive veg side dishes. Many families have their own traditional ways of cooking their Christmas dinner but this year, there will also be a lot of people who want to try something new.”

For a little help on your side(s) this year or for inspiring recipes for your Christmas dinner, please visit: