HAF Club Spud Harvesting


Harvesting and Fun at Hillside Community Garden

This week children from one of Lincolnshire Country Council's Holiday Activity & Food (HAF) sessions run by Synergy Sports Coaching added potato harvesting to the list of fun things they’ve done this summer.

The children had an invigorating walk from Lincoln Carlton Academy to Hillside Community Garden so they could help with some potato harvesting. Armed with trowels and forks (and assisted by the Branston team with some bigger forks) the children dug up the crop of potatoes that had been planted by the HAF club during the Easter holidays.

The plants had been looked after by volunteers at Hillside Community Garden throughout the summer and had produced a beautiful crop of Lucera potatoes. After collecting up the spuds, the children weighed them and put them into bags so that they all got some to take home, along with a selection of suitable recipes to try. Their well-earned picnic lunch at the garden was supplemented by a delicious potato salad, which the Branston team had freshly prepared earlier in the day.

Simon Telfer, Branston HR director said: “This is a fantastic way for children to learn more about where their food comes from. To see the growing plants, then dig out their own fresh potatoes to take home was a revelation to many of them. They were so enthusiastic – It was like they were discovering buried treasure!”

The Green Synergy team at Hillside Community Garden provided some hands-on discovery activities to help the children experience the rich environment of the garden as well as some outdoor fun and games.  

For more information about Green Synergy -  https://greensynergy.org.uk/

For more information on Synergy Sports Coaching - https://www.synergyeducationgroup.co.uk/

For more information on Lincolnshire CC HAF Clubs -  https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/school-pupil-support/holiday-activities-food-programme

Group pic (L - R): Lee (Synergy Sports Coaching), Brodi (Green Synergy), Simon, Jackie & Michael (Branston)