Big 3 Fundraising Challenge Kicks Off


Branston teams going the extra mile to tackle UK hunger

Every year at Branston the teams select a charity to support as their nominated Charity of the Year. The aim is to galvanise staff into pulling together with fundraising so that they can make a real difference for the charity. This year, their fundraising efforts are focused on the Trussell Trust - the charity that runs food banks all over the UK to support people in crisis. These centres also provide support and tools to help get people back on their feet again so that they are empowered to help themselves.

This year’s fundraising kicks off with “The Big 3 Challenge” on 28th August. Over three weekends (and the days in between) teams at each site will aim to Run, Walk and Cycle 3,500 miles – the distance to travel to around Branston’s 3 UK sites, there-and-back 3 times.

James Truscott, Branston MD, said: “Managing through the pandemic has been a struggle for many people and it has really highlighted the vital work that food banks across the UK are doing to support people in a crisis. The long-term aim of the Trussell Trust is to end the need for food banks, so they don’t just provide those essential food parcels, but they actively engage with their clients to provide the support they need to equip them for the future – helping them to help themselves.”

There will be walking, running and cycling events at every site throughout the Big 3 Challenge and with the teams aiming to raise as much as they can for their local food banks within the Trussell Trust network. Ther will also be food collections, potato donations and volunteering opportunities throughout the year and the teams at each site help out any way they can.