Seed, Field and Farming

Providing all the essential inputs for quality crops

We work closely with selected seed potato growers in both England and Scotland to make sure they have the expertise, technology and infrastructure to meet our exacting specifications. Then we source the very best varieties and highest quality seed potatoes for each of our growers' situations. 

Agronomy is all about the growing crop. We work with the dedicated growers who are part of our Producer Groups, offering support and expert professional advice to maximise supply opportunities and help grow the best quality potatoes. Throughout the growing season we’re carefully monitoring the crops in the field so that we know exactly what to expect when they’re harvested.

Our Farming division was formed in 2012 to grow our own supply of table and seed potatoes. We work with contractors in some of the UK's key potato-growing areas with the expertise to help us trial and develop emerging technologies and innovative new varieties.