Production and Supply Chain

Fulfilling the orders and delivering as needed, on time, every time

In our Fresh factory the focus is on washing and grading the huge volumes of fresh potatoes we handle every day to get the best out of every load. Using the latest high-tech equipment and lean production techniques we pack our retail and wholesale customers’ daily orders, while also supplying potatoes for our Prepared factories.  

Prepared Foods is about taking potatoes and other ingredients and transforming them into the convenient products that our customers need, efficiently and cost-effectively, in a scrupulously clean high-care environment. So they’re all packaged up and ready to cook at home.

Meanwhile our Prepared Ingredients facility operates on a bulk scale, with potatoes peeled and packed into 14kg dolav boxes and supplied to our customers’ exacting specifications.

This coordinated end-to-end approach enables us to utilise more of the crop and create a tailored range for all of our customers. We work together to fulfil the orders 363 days a year and make sure that our products are delivered safely to our customers across the UK, whatever the weather, on time, every time.