New Product Development

Transforming brilliant ideas into even better products

Tastes change, so we need to keep ahead to keep consumers interested. We’re always on the lookout for inspiration and innovation. Whether it’s new food trends, exciting flavours and textures or improved packaging or process enhancements, if there’s a way to make it easier for consumers to enjoy potatoes then we’re on it.

This also includes our extensive variety development work. We work closely with selected seed houses in the UK and beyond as well as running our own breeding programme. We start with a clear brief, encompassing the attributes that consumers are looking for – from quicker cook times to better taste, texture and consistency - and carefully select and test rigorously over several years to whittle down all the available options to just the best performers.

So we start with either a concept or a very limited supply, then we set about multiplying or scaling up to create a viable commercial proposition. Testing and sampling are key to what we do, so it’s fortunate that we all still love potatoes!