Triple recertification from the Carbon Trust

Posted: 29 April 2015
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Branston has been re-assessed by the Carbon Trust and has achieved the Carbon Trust Standard again for waste, water and carbon. This follows on from Branston's success last year in becoming the first company in the food and arable agriculture sector to have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard in all these three areas.

The recertification recognises Branston’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint by taking measures to ensure a sustainable method of working.

Branston takes the management of its environmental impacts very seriously and invests in a comprehensive environmental system across all of its sites. The company differentiates itself from competitors by actively seeking external assessment and verification of its environmental initiatives to benchmark and to maintain the focus on continuous improvement.

The Carbon Trust is an independent company with a mission to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. It provides guidance and advice as well as measuring and certifying a company’s environmental footprint.

The company appreciates the rigour of the assessments undertaken by the Carbon Trust. The combination of qualitative and quantitative measures gives a balanced view of improvements year on year, taking people and processes into account and ultimately encouraging a long-term sustainable approach.

Vidyanath Gururajan, Innovations Director, commented: “We’re delighted to have passed the reaccreditation from the Carbon Trust. We’re proud of our extensive environmental management systems and we do everything we can, at all our sites, to reduce waste. We have invested in long-term projects such as our anaerobic digestion plant, solar PV generation and water recycling as a part of our commitment to our low cost, low carbon strategy. We’re looking after all our resources to improve long-term sustainability.”

Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust, said: “Branston has for many years shown clear leadership in the agriculture and food processing sectors through obtaining independent certification confirming that it has reduced its environmental impact, becoming one of the first organisations to achieve each of the three Carbon Trust Standards for Carbon, Water, and Waste. These pioneering achievements have been followed through with successful ongoing efforts to continue lowering the company’s environmental impact. So it is with great pleasure that we are able to award Branston recertification to the Carbon Trust Standard.”