Help for local little ones

Posted: 16 October 2012
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The team at Branston's South West site has donated £1,400 to a local pre-school, enabling the group to buy a range of equipment and facilities to improve the children's day to day learning.

Branston donated the money to Shepton Beauchamp Pre-School as part of its commitment to supporting local communities. The school has 28 children on its register aged between two and four years and 11 months' old.

The money was used to purchase and install a child height sink, a touch screen computer and some educational toys including three wooden jigsaws and £100 of Lego. The school also purchased a CD player which the children can use to record their own voices.

Shelley Bacon, a supervisor at the pre-school, says: "This donation from Branston is absolutely fantastic news and we have invested it well. We have needed a sink for quite a while now and have been using a washing up bowl on a chair as an interim measure! We had to fill it up using a jug, but it is great that we now have a sink with running water.

"We have also bought a touch screen computer which the children are fascinated by and will be so useful. We feel we have really put the money to good use. Every year we have to do all the fundraising ourselves, and it can be a real challenge. So when Branston approached us about a donation, it made such a huge difference to us and we are all thrilled."

As a thank you, the children have put together an abstract painting for the company's reception area.

Ian Wait, general manager of the Ilminster site,said: "As a company we like to support our local communities and we felt that the Shepton Beauchamp Pre-School was a really worthy cause. As they are solely responsible for all their own fundraising, we wanted to give them a contribution and are delighted with how much they have bought with our donation. I am also really pleased with our newly acquired art from the children and it has taken pride of place in our reception area."