Green team helps Branston achieve ISO 14001 for the twelfth year running

Posted: 13 April 2015
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With a huge proportion of the country’s waste going straight to landfill, a group of six employees at the UK’s leading potato supplier’s Scotland site is keen to reduce their environmental footprint by encouraging better recycling.

Led by Environmental, Health & Safety Officer, Dave Taylor, the Green Team monitors waste management at the site in Abernethy, encouraging staff to recycle materials correctly and ensure the right waste is put in the right bins.

Currently recycling 86% of waste, the team is keen to continue its efforts to reach a total of 98% of its waste being recycled rather than contributing to landfill.

Their hard work has contributed to reducing Mixed Waste by 128% per kg per input tonne – which allows the site to join the “zero waste club”.

It’s all part of Branston’s environmental system and it’s helped the Abernethy site achieve accreditation to the ISO 14001 environmental standard for the twelfth consecutive year.

Some other examples of the site’s progress this year are:

- CO2 reduced by 6% per kg per input tonne

- Water reduced by 11% per litre per input tonne

- Electricity reduced by 3% per kw per input tonne

Dave Taylor, Environmental, Health & Safety Officer, commented:

“The Green Team is very passionate about our work and ensures that as a site, we are working hard to recycle properly. It’s all part of our commitment to continuous improvement and reducing our environmental impacts. Everyone has a part to play and I must credit everyone at our site for their contribution.”

Eric Ritchie, General Manager of the Abernethy site, commented:

“The Green Team certainly helps to keep us on our toes with our recycling efforts. It’s initiatives like this that contribute to our company’s great green credentials. Being awarded the ISO 14001 standard for the twelfth year running is testament to the hard work and effort contributed by everyone.”