Branston wheels out new livery designs

Posted: 25 April 2012
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Branston has unveiled three more ‘wheely' great livery designs, in readiness for the big events of 2012.

The UK's leading potato supplier is commemorating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a ‘Best of British' design, which has a street party theme with traditional London characters, including a Beefeater, an old-fashioned bobby and a pearly king and queen, complete with bunting, cake and jelly. And they're getting caught up all in the excitement of the Olympics with a sporty design of ‘Champions of track and field'. They're also celebrating this year's big showbiz events, with Tesco's Finest Exquisa potato as a ‘Superstar potato' posing for photos on the red carpet.

Three years ago Branston introduced new livery designs promoting potatoes' health benefits, versatility and range of varieties. They wanted to get the messages noticed, particularly by the younger generation so, with the help of Optima Design in Lincoln, a selection of quirky potato characters was developed for the designs. The team soon realised that these characters had the potential to work well for lots of other ideas so they set about thinking up new ways to feature them on new liveries, expanding the range to include themes based on popular television programmes, music, sport and big events.

Last year Branston won the Motor Transport Awards Livery of the Year for its original and eye-catching designs. They were up against some stiff competition, so were delighted to receive the award (the transport industry's equivalent of an Oscar) and to be praised by the judges for bringing some much-needed humour into the industry. Branston is continuing to expand the range of liveries, and these three new ones now bring the total to 17 unique designs.

Branston's account director Jo Parish said: "We really have fun coming up our liveries - every one is different and we have no set rules, we just like new and original ideas. If anyone wants to make any suggestions, then we will always be happy to listen. You never know, your idea could end up on a lorry delivering spuds across the country!

"I think these new ones for 2012 are our best liveries yet! We were really excited to unveil them and we expect them to be really popular. People constantly comment about our liveries when they see them on the roads, and that's great for Branston and for promoting potatoes."