Branston helps repair flood damage

Posted: 02 October 2014
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Branston has donated funds and provided a team of volunteers to help repair flood damage to Dowlish Wake playing field caused by last winter's severe weather.

Volunteers from Branston's South West site in Ilminster, Richard Elliott, Andy Clennan, Kye Davies, Victor Okoko and Dariusz Mitura headed down to the site and were soon tasked with sorting through a mountain of soil to remove stones and roots. Last year’s heavy rain and subsequent flooding left one of the access points unusable, and both the timberwork and gates need replacing. There are also plans to improve the drainage on-site, and lay a paved path.

The team also helped with some preventative measures, re-laying the cleared soil and adding sheeting in the ground to try and ensure that the area wouldn’t suffer so much with any further bad weather.

The Dowlish Wake Playing Field Trust works hard to benefit the Dowlish Wake community, and that of surrounding villages, by maintaining the facilities at the village playing fields.

Tony Carter, Chairman of the Trust, commented: “Like many small charities, we can sometimes struggle both for funds, and also for volunteers to carry out the various tasks to keep the facilities maintained. It was therefore a delight that Branston not only made a financial grant, but also sent an enthusiastic team to do some of the work!”