Branston sponsors Education Marquee at the Lincolnshire Show

Posted: 23 June 2016
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This year’s Lincolnshire Show on 22nd and 23rd June welcomed a new addition to the Discovery Zone – the Education Marquee - as part of ongoing efforts by organisers to educate schoolchildren about agriculture and farming.
Branston sponsored the marquee and provided a range of fun potato-related activities for children. They also saw primary schoolchildren, including Potterhanworth Primary School and Digby School in Lincoln, harvesting their potatoes for this year’s Grow Your Own Potatoes competition.

Jayne Southall, CEO for Lincolnshire Showground, said: “One of the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society’s primary charitable aims is to educate people all about food and farming. Therefore it is vitally important that we not only educate children about our heritage but also get them excited and passionate about local farming and eating healthy produce. The Education Marquee is a fantastic new addition to the Show, bringing with it for the first time this year the exciting Grow Your Own Potatoes competition as part of its potato story theme.”

Communications manager, Jackie Baker, said: “Branston has been a keen supporter of both the Grow Your Own Potatoes initiative and the Lincolnshire Show for many years, so we’re delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor the Education Marquee this year and help visitors of all ages find out all about potatoes.”