Branston helps to keep netball on court

Posted: 26 June 2012
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Abernethy teams have ‘netted' a way to keep playing their favourite sport - thanks to a £250 donation from Branston.

When Abernethy Primary School's netball court was out of action due to major refurbishment work to the school buildings, Abernethy Tennis Club stepped in to help out - offering the school its netball court.

But there was one problem - there were no netball posts, and that's when Branston got involved.

Eric Ritchie, general manager at the Scotland site, said: "We were contacted by a parent to see if we could help out. The tennis club had a court - but no posts. With netball games halted now until after the school refurb next year, it would mean that local teams would be unable to play. Branston was only too happy to help out."

Zoe Robertson, who is a volunteer netball coach and a tennis club member, said while there were netball lines all made up, the all-important posts were missing.

"We approached Branston to see if they could make a donation to pay for the posts," she said. "Because of the building works at school, netball games couldn't go ahead. Now, thanks to Branston, the school children and local teams can keep playing."

Paula Morrison, headteacher at the school, said: "Making links is very important to the school and this is one way to do this. We appreciate the support a local business has given our community."

Picture shows Eric Ritchie with primary seven youngsters from Abernethy Primary School - (from left) Elsa, Katrina, Laura, Andrew, Amanda, Rachel, Sophie and Amy (front)