Branston features on The One Show

Posted: 05 December 2015
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Last night Branston featured on BBC’s The One Show to help the great British public learn all about how to get great roast potatoes. Ricky Andalcio interviewed Field Director David Nelson about the best varieties to use and found out more about Branston’s variety development programme. He also spoke to Technical Director Mark Willcox about the science behind the spuds and got to take part in some tasting. You can view the episode on BBC iplayer -

Ricky discovered that it’s all about the water and dry matter content for roasting potatoes. You need a variety with a high level of dry matter, so one that’s got a slightly ‘floury’ texture when cooked. That way you end up with a delicious fluffy inside and crunchy outside that’s perfect for the Christmas roast.

Traditional roasting favourites like Maris Piper and King Edward are always a popular choice, they have the ideal texture. But Ricky also found out about a new variety from Branston’s breeding programme that’s been specifically developed to have all the attributes that make a really great roast potato, combined with a quicker cooking time. Inca Bella (currently available in selected Waitrose branches) roasts up brilliantly, and it does this in around half the time of a conventional potato. Could it really knock off King Edward’s crown?