2014 set to be the biggest yet for Branston Farming

Posted: 14 January 2014
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As well as being one of the largest buyers of potatoes in the UK, Branston is now also one of the largest growers. 2014 is expected to be the biggest so far for Branston’s farming division. The company rents potato-growing land in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Somerset and Cornwall and is currently on the lookout for more.

This spring Branston Farming is planning to plant around 1,800 acres across the UK. What started out with 750 acres of processing potatoes back in 2009 has since developed into one of the fastest growing areas of the business. They are focusing on the best performing varieties and increasing ware and seed production as well as continuing to produce high quality processing potatoes for some of the UK’s best loved savoury snack brands.

James Hopwood, Head of Branston Farming says: “Our Farming Division has grown steadily over the past few years and much of that is due to the great contractors we’re working with. Phil Clappison, Farmers Weekly Contractor of the Year 2013, looks after 1,000 acres for us in Yorkshire. He’s got years of expertise in potato growing and we always feel that he cares for our crops as though they’re his own. This year we’re looking for more good quality land, in Yorkshire and across the UK, so we can expand our operations even further.”